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Dog Knights Productions is an independent record label based in Brighton, UK. Since June 2010, we have been putting out great looking records for bands from a wide variety of genres. Dog Knights specialises in Screamo, Hardcore, Punk etc, but will consider working with any band that is genuinely doing something exciting and original.

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**Distro List Information**

--Headroom - Carry Me Away 7" EP--

Pink /300

--Marietta - As It Were 12" LP--

Half Yellow / Half Orange /100

--No Omega - Occupants 12" EP w/ Etched B-Side--

Purple /200

--Shirokuma - Light Dies / Colours Fade 12" EP--

Smoke /150
Splatter /150

--Shizune - Le Voyageur Imprudent 12" LP--

Red /200
Yellow /200

--Sorority Noise - Forgettable 12" LP--

180 Gram Black /245